Monday, February 10, 2014


The clouds shoot colorful rain drops from the air,
Dripping onto the painting,
It was created on a canvas by my feet that tiptoed,
Grabbing the colors that drop,
From the clouds and my palms,
That hold the ends of the rainbow letting the ends drip slowly,

The raindrops met miami the city of palms,
Bullying the chalk on the sidewalks creating a painting,
The kids of the streets walk slowly,
Single file, they tiptoed,
Crying over the raindrops that dropped,
Destroying their hopscotch and foursquare they curse the air,

The kids walked back to their houses slowly,
That were covered in the colorful raindrops that dropped,
Splashing onto a beautiful painting,
That is the epitome of nature in the trees of palms,
Thanking someone for the greens while looking in the air,
Turning away, they tiptoed,

They went their separate ways after the rain dropped,
A girl named daisy walked to her room slowly,
Infected by the air,
Realizing that she has a bad case of stripes, nothing as glorious as the painting,
That ran away from the canvas and into daisy’s room he tiptoed,
Telling her everything would be okay as he held her palms,

They fell asleep dreaming about walking in the air,
With the paintings,
And the raindrops that dropped,
And the rainbow the tiptoed,
Trying to find my palm,
While I fall slowly,

Onto a painting,
Made by a girl who dreams of colorful raindrops that drop,
Who holds a rainbow that guides her palms,
Painting slowly,
As I tiptoe to the corner of the canvas,
Confused, looking into the air.

~Anny Arias

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