Friday, February 14, 2014

Art & Fear

Read the article and respond to the questions on your blog:  

1. What is the difference between craft and art?
  • The western definition of old craft means that it fits a specific template. One example is, all sketches must look realistic or all paintings must be of nature. There is never a 'challenge' when it comes to making a craft. It's like diving off a low board and finishing the race first. It's expected to finish the race first because you set yourself up for something easy. The Eastern definition of art is that it carries a certain tradition and is influenced by multiple peoples work. This also means that art carries a specific theme that was taken from another artist who created it. 
  • 2. What do the authors mean when they refer to artist habits as a style?  What is your style as an artist?

  • Everyone creates their own "habits" when making art. By habit, he means style. Everyone has their own style of art. It can be a pattern you find yourself following every time you make a new peice or even a theme like always using the color blue or how your art pieces all relate to nature. My style as an artist is making something that is realistic look fictional at the same time. In one of my pieces, I painted a girl who had paint splurging out of her mouth and paint coming from the other end. This is one example of a piece that seems to look realistic but put into a fictional setting or situation. "
3. "All art is auto biographical". Based on what you read what is your opinion.
  • I believe that all art is biographical. No human being can ever be resistant to outside influences. Just like people are influence by surroundings and experiences, artists are influenced by other art work. People might call it copying or not being original but anything created by a person is there own. Spicing it up makes it your own. 
  • NOTES:
  • Respond automatically to the familiar and ur free to respond selectively to the unfamiliar"
  • balance- making art helps achieve balance
  • To see things is to enhance your own sense of wonder

Monday, February 10, 2014

Work in progress:
Girl from poem, Green grudge splash from poem


The clouds shoot colorful rain drops from the air,
Dripping onto the painting,
It was created on a canvas by my feet that tiptoed,
Grabbing the colors that drop,
From the clouds and my palms,
That hold the ends of the rainbow letting the ends drip slowly,

The raindrops met miami the city of palms,
Bullying the chalk on the sidewalks creating a painting,
The kids of the streets walk slowly,
Single file, they tiptoed,
Crying over the raindrops that dropped,
Destroying their hopscotch and foursquare they curse the air,

The kids walked back to their houses slowly,
That were covered in the colorful raindrops that dropped,
Splashing onto a beautiful painting,
That is the epitome of nature in the trees of palms,
Thanking someone for the greens while looking in the air,
Turning away, they tiptoed,

They went their separate ways after the rain dropped,
A girl named daisy walked to her room slowly,
Infected by the air,
Realizing that she has a bad case of stripes, nothing as glorious as the painting,
That ran away from the canvas and into daisy’s room he tiptoed,
Telling her everything would be okay as he held her palms,

They fell asleep dreaming about walking in the air,
With the paintings,
And the raindrops that dropped,
And the rainbow the tiptoed,
Trying to find my palm,
While I fall slowly,

Onto a painting,
Made by a girl who dreams of colorful raindrops that drop,
Who holds a rainbow that guides her palms,
Painting slowly,
As I tiptoe to the corner of the canvas,
Confused, looking into the air.

~Anny Arias
Inspirational artists:

Zineb Sedira: All white background, white attire with a peek of color on faces

Janine Antonie : All white background, colored balanced object on head

Bernie Searie: Colorful face, splurge of color on all white background

Inspirational photography:

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Inspirational artists

Kara Walker:

I like that she is very specific about what sizes she wants her paintings to be on the wall. This impacts the perspective of the pieces, making it look like it's kind of sinking in or popping out.

Kehinde Wiley:

I really like how he emphasized on the backgrounds of the paintings. I really like how he uses different patterns for the background. It almost seems as if he is placing a realistic person into a fantasy setting.