Thursday, January 30, 2014

New Art

I think the purpose of creating New Art film was to show people how there is a variety of "arts" and its not very traditional paining a scenery type of art. Its more about beautifying our surrounding even when they may not look so beautiful. I thought it was really cool how they utilized technology and sounds to make art. Also, most of the artists don't just do one type of art. They do a whole combination of spray paintings, photography, sculptures. They emphasize that there is no limit to art. I thought it was cool to see the artists working on their pieces and how most of them don't go back and erase or just call something garbage if it doesn't seem to look good in the process. They kind of just work with what they have until it looks nice to them. Art is more about creating something they like and choosing an audience that possibly will be interested in the same. Marketing correctly goes with choosing the right audience and making your piece memorable to those people.


  • 50% making the work
  • 50% about business
  • Art is business
  • Setting that didn't have any color in it, a spec of neon
  • Working off of an idea
  • Process driven art
  • "Want my audience to question how I'm making what I'm making"
  • In a perfect world everyone is an artist, enriches our lives time to beautify our surroundings
  • Utilizing technology and sounds
  • Freedom within that system
  • Process
  • Market correctly, audience
  • Theres not one type of art they do, its a whole combination 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Austin Kleon & Kirby Ferguson

This blog is stating that it is okay to get inspiration from other work. "Copying" has a negative connotation, but should have a positive one when it comes to art. This is how great artists get their ideas from. Inspiration.

"Copy Transform Design"
"Everything is a remix"
This video goes against the American "copy rights" law. A product can evolve. As he says in the video, "everything is a remix." In art, I get inspiration from other art work I find on the internet or in museums. I don't necessarily consider this copying, I consider it transforming and designing my own product. Inspiration sparks every artist before creating their work. Every idea comes from somewhere. 

Monday, January 6, 2014


This is a piece I worked on during break. I asked Sydney to give me a word and she gave me the word "rebirth". This is what I came up with.

This piece from the MFA inspired me to try to focus my work around shapes. 

For my square this week, I was given the word boundaries. The first thing I thought of was a box. I really wanted to use oil pastels because I had never used them in any of my pieces before. I drew a picture of a box with weird swirls coming out of it. I didn't like the outcome of this piece, so I tried something new.

I made a 3D box with colorful straws blocking the opening. 

I've been in the process of creating this scenery of Newbury street for the first 2 weeks of senior studio.