Thursday, December 5, 2013

Twyla Tharp Reading

Art: The Creative Habit

Scratching is a term Ms.Tharp uses as a way to describe when in artist is in a blocked state of mind. This is the beginning stage, when one is first trying to come up with ideas or has been away from their project or their creativity for a long time. Some of the best ways to get through this stage for me is by listening to music. Music is my remedy and cure for an empty mind. Tharp emphasized about making sure you know what the best materials are for you. Another thing that I thought was interested that she said was to try new things without repeating projects or idea's you've had in the past. I have never thought of this. Often times, I go back to old projects that I've never finished and build off of that. Now I know that it is best to have a fresh and clear mind when starting a project, leaving the past in the past. I know that there are various materials that I feel comfortable using, but it would be nice to focus on one or two materials this term. I will try not to overlap any projects I have done in the past. Instead, I am going to try to come up with something newer and more challenging.

A lot of these warnings can apply to me. There are a lot of things Ms. Tharp warns about that I have done in the past when trying to create art. One of them that often occurs to me is over planning or over thinking a project. I notice that when I do this, I don't challenge myself enough to let my new ideas flow. I often end up finishing the project fast, making the process boring and just, not as fun. I now understand that it's okay to not know exactly what path to take at first. Time is everything, and great ideas come in the process.

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