Friday, December 13, 2013

Seinfeld/Brady Response

Football, leading an orchestra and art are surprisingly very similar. I've never thought of mastering sports having any similarity to mastering an art. Anything that takes time to produce can be considered an art. The "planning time" is the most important and all three hobbies. One thing they mentioned was how they made adjustments according to the results of the rest of the players/musicians. As artists, we make adjustments according to the outcome of our work work. If something doesn't seem right, or you got a splash of red paint on a drawing on accident, there are ways to adjust and still make the piece of art beautiful. It's  kind of like improvising, even though art is not really a "performance". They both also mentioned the time and effort that it takes to produce their work. Practice is very important in art, even if it means doodling something every day. Being an artist is an everyday task. Last but not least, "you've got to know what you're going for." Whether you're on the court, on stage, or in an art studio, you have to know what your outcome should look like. This will be the guide to mastering your work.

Extra Notes:
Bring energy, level of excellent, level of creativity
Have to look at everything on the court
Pace and tempo
Sequences "all these different body parts are coming together to do the same thing"

"Think of something funny and go with it." This is exactly how I think when it comes to art. I am inspired by one thing on have one small idea then I let it guide me through my work. He also talks about the importance of inspiration for a comedian. He was inspired by a pop tart, and without seeing that pop tart in the grocery store, he still would have been in a mind fart for a long time. Going to the MFA was kind of like his experience. I wanted to feel inspired by a piece and let it guide me through my work. That is the starting point. He also talks about his technique of using a yellow pad and his blue pen. It's important to him and that is the only way he feels comfortable writing scripts and jokes. Finding a comfortable work space is important to me and without being in a comfortable work space, I don't feel like I can produce my best work. There are many similarities that can be drawn from a comedian and an artists. 

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