Monday, December 16, 2013

First thoughts, future thoughts

I am soo excited to be a part of senior studio this year! I have already been thinking of materials I would like to use on my project. I can see myself working with chalk and paint. Those materials are the main ones I would like to focus on this term. I would like to try using oil pastels since I am not too familiar with using them. I love the way colors mix and blend in pieces done using old pastels. I can see myself doing work that is more 2D. However, I am open to new ideas. It is possible that my final project will become 3D or have some kind of 3D part to it. I would like to lean how to use oil pastels to create art work that kind of looks like a painting. I want to learn how to mix different colors to get certain shades so that my pictures come alive. Since I was really little, I would look at bob ross's paintings for inspiration. His pictures really came alive because he had at least 12 different shades of each color in his paintings. He blended the colors so well and used the right brushes for each step. I hope that my pieces look as real and alive as his. Some ideas that I have are focusing on Boston, and my love for the city. I can possibly make some portraits focused on the different sceneries or aspects of the city that make it so beautiful.

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